The ICT project that has been sponsored by KOICA for Arusha girl’s high school started in 2021/2022 where more than 200 female students have received ICT training where a large percentage did not have it before.

Among the students who benefited from the training is Krishna Merere who became a form six student with subject combination of PGM. Krishna had this to say:

“I am very grateful to e3empower Africa and KOICA’s funding for enabling us female students of Arusha secondary to get this ICT training for one year, most of us did not know how to use a computer before getting this training but now each of us can use a computer and prepare some documents such as writing letters, the use of excel and also computer programming languages such as HTML, C++. I am very grateful to the e3empower staff Mr. Frank & George for helping us throughout the training period because it will help us even more when we become a university. My dreams are to study Computer Engineering due to inspiration I got after one year of ICT training here at school.”

Krishna Merere is one of the students who became very active in the class and they gave themselves with all their heart and set aside their extra time during lunch time and break time to enter the computer lab and study through Rachel and some videos on YouTube. He also asked questions frequently when he encountered challenges in his studies and it helped him a lot because he was one of the students who did better in his class in all subjects, especially physics, chemistry, and ICT.

After the results of the national examination this year, Krishna passed with the highest grade i.e. Divisio One, and in all his studies she got an A grade.