It was an exceptional opportunity for female pupils (COBET) from 3 primary schools to finish the phase 4  training of ICT project for the development of the girls’ academic capacity from 09 -Jan -2023 to 26 May-2023

The students underwent an intensive five-month training program, during which they dedicated themselves to rigorous academic preparation and skill development. The program aimed to equip them with the necessary ICT knowledge, comprehension, numeracy, and self-confidence to excel in their final exams.

Throughout the five months, the students engaged in comprehensive study sessions, covering the core subjects required for their higher learning.  They attended lectures, participated in group discussions, and worked on practical assignments to strengthen their understanding.  It included Robotic, and simple programming such as Scratch.

The training program also included regular assessments and evaluations to track the progress of each student. This allowed the instructors to identify areas where additional support or focus was required, ensuring that all students received personalized attention and guidance.

At the end of five months of training students did post examination in mathematics, English, Science and ICT for us to measure their progress for five months.  Almost all students passed with an average of 70% in post examinations.  And they are now ready for research and self-learning, given the infrastructure. 

-By Anton Lukas