ICT Program implemented at Arusha Girls High school for the last two years, funded by KOICA and implemented by E3empower Africa, brought a small success on Students’ performance as we collected their scores of their field study for the two consecutive years: some increase in their performance and happy faces with confidence.

We are delighted with the increase in performance of the students in school subjects, and convinced that the ICT skills and technology in general is so important to Advanced Study.  It is building a new  study habits to research on particular topics instead of just memorizing, thus increasing their confidence to find the truth and the detail on their own instead of relying on teachers.  It took a while but our flip learning teaching process enabled them to discover this new process.

This give us the pride to stand up and to promote ICT training more to as many as students possible.  In fact, this is one of our major purposes at E3empower Africa; to ensure that ICT Education is offered to all students so they can find their own ability as well as their own identity and to raise the bar higher in all other sectors in this country in this digital era.  I cannot wait to find out their National Exams grades compared to the last year!  Our Hope is confirmed and remains strong!