Form Four graduates have been taking their precious time as they await to join their advanced education advancing their skills in ICT. They were totally new 2 months ago! But they are clicking many tabs and go through their sub menus to choose different options depending on wha they want to do! At least they are Not afraid of these applications and skilful enough to try different things!
And they also presented what they have learned in the last two months to other fellow students! It was probably their first time to present something in front of other people. Their voices were small but i could understand what they were saying! I wish they have more times to get better!
But they don’t have laptop at home.
Where and how would they get better with more practices? So Subscription strategy!
We are launching subscription model that students can sign up as members with us and they will have certain access to our resources including Saturdays! They are growing and they are finding their confidence! They should not stop learnjng and should learn to search for things on their own !!
You should join the this new movement!