Farmers have grown up with the challenge of not finding a suitable market for their produce due to selling their produce at the current price in the market at that time for fear of their produce being damaged. For example, if a farmer has grown tomatoes and they are already ripe in the field, he has to take them out of the field at that time and take them to the market without knowing what the price is.

This crop storage project using ozone has the ability to store the farmer’s crops for a period of one more month without spoiling, during which time the farmer will be looking for a market with the best price to sell his crops.

At the moment we have started as a pilot and our storage area is in Tengeru, but in the future we hope to establish a large storage area that will be of great benefit to many Tanzanian farmers.

Why crop storage?

  • Ensures food security and minimizes post-harvest losses. Preserves and protects harvested crops.
  • Maintains crop quality and prevents spoilage.
  • Extends the shelf life of agricultural produce.
  • Provides a steady food supply throughout the year.