Thanks to KOICA for teaching this ICT for COBET project, after finishing the training for some female students which was held in the E3EMPOWER offices located at the summit center, now all computers and equipment have been transferred to the unlimited primary school.

With God’s help, e3 staff have successfully set up a computer lab with 20 users and students have already started studying ICT. We also trained two teachers, although currently e3empower has provided one staff member to monitor and ensure that students receive appropriate training.

The students are happy that now they can use computers with the digital library to study and do various practices, but also that not all students who had the opportunity of ICT training at the summit center will now all learn because we have set up a lab in the school.

Every day the students spend six hours entering the computer lab in four groups, its hard but the teachers are trying. They would need some assistants after we reduce the support! We will help until the local teachers feel confident managing the lab. That is when the students teaching students process will begin!

Students will grow with a good study habit and joy of learning- this is what we all want!