E3 Empower Africa has continued to help young people with dreams to pursue computer technology careers in different fields. A young man, Naftal took our STEM course while studying at Ngarenaro secondary school. He volunteered and started teaching his fellow classmates, later he joined e3empower as an interning instructor. The experience he had from e3empower helped him perform well in his first semester’s studies at IAA (Chuo cha Uhasibu). Naftal Shemshashu wrote the following email to the e3empower director as a sign of gratitude.

“Hello, Miss.Rhee!
I hope you are doing so well with your family and company. I and my family we are doing so well. We are so grateful to the Lord Jesus for his grace to us each and every day.
I am so sorry that I wasn’t in touch for a while. I write this mail to say thank you for the best opportunity you have given me as one of the internships at your Company. The thing you did for the last two years strengthens me a lot in my academic issues right now. I just want you to know that we had Semester Exams at the end of March this year, suddenly yesterday the exam result was out and I am so joyful to the Lord that I got an “A” for all of my subjects.
I repeat to say thank you! Because of almost three computer subjects, I was just practicing at E3empower those days. In that case, it made me remember you and say that “I couldn’t score A on those subjects if l was not at E3empower”.
I may have a lot of thankful words to say but let me and by saying may God of heaven bless you a lot as he says in Numbers 6:24-26.“

Naftal is among many young students who benefited through programs offered at e3empower Africa such as STEM, Web Development, Computer Basic, Programming languages.
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