Why N-Computing.

N-computing device and virtualization software work by distributing the computing of a desktop PC among several workstations. N-computing opened as a company seeking to use virtualization to lower the cost of computing for organization.

High Performance

Today’s computers have more computing power than most users need, as much of it sits idle a majority of the time. We help you consolidate, visualize and distribute this computing power to where it’s needed the most

Environmentally Friendly

We can’t live without PCs, so let’s learn how to live with them in a way that makes them friendlier to the environment. Thin clients and desktop virtualization reduce eWaste, energy use, and CO2 emissions

Unlock the Future

Introduce a new operating system without worrying about whether your PCs are technically capable of running it. Eliminate the PC refresh cycle by using durable low-cost thin clients instead of PCs. When you upgrade your server, everybody benefits.

Virtualization is in our DNA

For fifteen years we’ve brought new technology to struggling communities, helped startups “startup” without breaking the bank, and streamlined Government and the Enterprise with desktop virtualization solutions that remain our focus and passion.

Low Cost

Servers and thin clients cost less to acquire than an army of PCs. Thin clients use less energy, generate a fraction of a PCs fan noise and heat, and greatly reduce the need for hands-on support. Even use existing PCs past their expiration dates via software clients.

Bring IT Together

Centralize the management of your operating systems, software applications, and deployed thin clients. Execute updates and provide tech support quickly and efficiently without disrupting your users.

Try N-Computing For your School or Organization Today

We Do N-Computing Installation to Support Our education Programs for both Schools and Organizations