E3 empower is happy to serve two more Compassion centers (Galilaya and Olmotonyi) at Nagaramtoni Arusha with New Ncomputing Lab. Happily working till late at night expecting that through this lab students can get access to information and technology.
After installation, it’s our duty for our staff to train leaders and staff on how to handle and manage the Lab. Pastor, PD, staff, and Lab manager were trained. I was so happy to see how excited. Now with Digital Library – Rachel- the door is wide open to see beyond themselves! A big thank goes to Compassion International to secure the fund and create this wonderful lab for the students and community!
We welcome other organizations and NGOs for their new initiatives with these ICT Education techs! Contact our office if you want to set up various sizes of computer lab for skill learning, IT cafe setup, and Web Development, etc!