What is Inside Kitkit School.!

Kitkit School is designed as a comprehensive learning platform that includes:

Game-based Kitkit Learning App, Library,Tools etc

Our Product

Kitkit School is an exceptional learning tool built to teach all children early reading, writing and math. Kitkit School uses best practices and research in game design and literacy and numeracy education to support children’s engagement and learning.


We created Kitkit School to bring high-quality learning experiences to the children who need them the most around the globe. Named for the word “to think” in Thai, Kitkit School is a tablet-based application with a comprehensive curriculum that spans early childhood through early elementary. It is designed to provide children with the foundations and practice needed to build fundamental skills in literacy and numeracy along with opportunities to explore other subjects including music and art — regardless of access to school or resources.

Foundational Skills

Learning is scaffolded to support cognitive development and self-exploration as students learn reading, writing, and math

Independent Learning

A truly child-centered, highly intuitive interface ensures that every child has the ability to succeed


Nature-themed graphics and accessibility functions engage and empower the world’s diverse learners