It’s a season where many standard seven in Tanzania celebrating their graduation. After a long silence of many schools being shut down due to Corona. Tetra primary school which is under the ELCT Church (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania) has successful achieved its standard seven graduations.

E3Empower Africa team participated and shared STEM education vision with parents and students. The team did a demonstration of our programs to KKKT leaders (Bishop, Pastors, Teacher, and Parents) who visited our station for our program’s demonstration. It is our sincere wish that all students have a great dream for the community and we will ensure that they succeed with good resources!

E3Empower Africa Demo Station

Ji-Young Rhee and ELCT Bishop Dk. Solomon Masagwa heading to E3Empower Africa Demo station after graduation


Digital Library demonstration to church leaders – Bishop Dr. Solomoni Masagwa  and Pastor Solomon Dereva


Robotics station – Pupils asking questions on robotics


Parents kids who attended graduation playing with Robotics


Pupils exploring kitkit functionalities



Pupils asking questions on the LEGO demo station.


Demo session to visitors.