ICT Training for Teachers – Waache Wasome , Watimize Ndoto Zao is a project for government school teachers from Arusha City and Karatu school districts who were selected to prepare the formal ICT class and National Exams at the end of the year!

We have successfully trained 25 ICT teachers from 18 public schools for Waache Wasome Program. Teachers are now ready to teach in their respective schools and it’s our great hope to see a massive ICT movement in public schools. We are happy to see ICT courses in public schools on a move with support from district offices. The time has come for public schools in Arusha. Empower One, Empower Africa.

E3empower Africa is now in partnership with World Education NGO to make sure the training run smoothly for 2 weeks. It is a good start and we wish all of these teachers will be encouraged to open the ICT door wide open for all students. A total of 18 schools was presented.