We are happily joining e3empower Africa for training, we have traveled a long way to learn new things and for sure there are new things we have never seen.

These standard seven students and 2 teachers traveled a long way of about 919.4 km all the way from Njombe to Arusha. Njombe is located in the southern part of Tanzania as well as Arusha is found in the northern part of Tanzania. It long journeys travel of about 15 hours’ drive.

The whole team from Njombe (Pupils and their Teachers) arrived in Arusha at Arusha Bus Station

These pupils and their teachers have joined the institution for about 1 month to study science subjects, computer basic, STEM (Robotics, Scratch), Web page making and, programming language (Scratch, java, python).

Pupils learning Basic Programming skills with Scratch

Teacher Eliza giving Introduction to Computer Basics

Njombe Team having lunch after morning Classes

 Ibrahim and Madam Yasinta are teachers from Njombe who joined us for training at our institution. They are so happy to join for the training and here is their observation and expectations.

Ibrahim said,
“I knew a little bit of Computer Basic, I was able to do Excel, Word, PowerPoints. When I came one thing that I saw and I was so impressed was in the e3empower flayer. I saw the HTML and Scratch course; I never knew there were such courses. These were new courses I have heard about for the first time.
In my back days, I wanted to create a website but I never knew where to begin. For sure I didn’t know anything about HTML. But after the first-day class was so surprised that I can create a web page on my own.
Now I have a mission, after I finish training, I want to master everything about HTML and start creating web websites

Madam Yasinta said
I have been a primary teacher and I am so much impressed with the Scratch.  I felt happy when I saw a happy face from our pupils when they started learning Scratch. I have discovered that scratch is the best for my pupils. It’s very easy and fun to learn programming in a very easy way. Yes, I am a teacher and I see this is something our pupils will be happy to learn as we are back home.
Since I have seen a lot of courses here, it’s my wish to learn more as I discover more ways to help children with self-learning.

E3Empower has prepared a special schedule to make sure the team gets full access to material and training from instructors.

Njombe to Arusha Distance where Pupils and their Teacher Travelled.