STEAM course has been conducted at SAME for Compassion Students, a new pilot project with Presentation to 4 Centre Directors and delegates about STEM Courses and E-Library (Rachel Plus). They were very motivated about it and saw how this will totally change student’s mindset and their way of thinking. Compassion are took the opportunity in empowering these students during short Easter break. It’s has been a six days training-Project at the Centre which has change students and put in them a lifetime experience. Mrs Rhee from E3empower along with 3 staffs enjoyed the ride from Arusha to SAME and visited 3 other sites. 30 students from 4 different centers join the training!


New IT world will touch these students as well as directors aspiring to a higher ground.

Robotics Coding? Scratch for Arduino? Mobile App Coding? What are all these terms mean?

From “strange learning” to “very engaging learning” experience, students were showing their hidden talents. All this happened on just one day. Most of these students did not know any coding experience before. Our Instructors (Joel and Joshua) are pouring their hearts for the coming generation.