A total of 150 school girls from five primary schools in Arusha city have competed special tailor-made information Technology training, offered through the Korea International Cooperation Agency.

Koica conducted the training through the E3Empower Africa organization operating from Arusha, Tanzania. The girls were also taught how to make Robots and use Artificial Intelligence in controlling the androids.

“At first the student were a little bit scared, but eventually they caught on and started enjoying the training”, said the founder and director of E3Empower Organization, Ms Ji Young Rhee.

The girls are pupils from five public education institutions in Arusha including Kaloleni Primary School, Salei, Osunyai, Sombetini and Unga-Limited Primary school.

The Director of E3Empower Ji Young Rhee explained that the ICT Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) training sessions ran for four consecutive months.

Upon completion of the program the pupils were awarded with certificates. There were also prizes for the best performing students and equipment to their schools.

“We selected the Unga-Limited Primary School, to be installed with 20 computer sets for further training and practices as well as digital projects creation among the 150 graduates”, said Ji Young Rhee

Of the five education institution the unga-limited primary school happens to be central and easily accessible to all the pupils who have undergone the computer training at the e3empower training center, located in the summit center building.

The primary school education officer for Arusha urban district, Hussein Bakari wa the Guest of Honor during the graduation ceremony.

“I will personally endure that all the computers and related accessories donated to the schools are well taken care of and used accordingly”, he said, lauding the Korea International Cooperation agency (KOICA) for its dedication in ensuring that Tanzanians children become computer literate

Mwanaidi Abdallah is a teacher at Unga-limited Primary school and expressed gratitude for the computers donated to the institution, saying the equipment will also help to relay training to other pupils who didn’t attend the session

One of the parents whose children benefited from the training, Asia Abdallah said the skills have enabled her child to be more confident in handling computers and even use the machines to write their homework’s

Saidani Gandiwa a class six pupil and Shatma Ramadhani in class five, both being graduates of the program said they were first afraid of computers but are now experts in handling basic programs and can even train other students at school

-From the Tanzania Times Newsletter

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