Computer Basic Courses.

Computer course is a basic the most demanded requirements for any job application. Learning computer will help you to get a data entry job online or offline with little computer and internet knowledge.

What you will learn.


1.Fast typing speed 40 WPM.

-You can type faster and get more works done in less time.

-You’re eligible for government and private sector jobs

-You can start your own business online or offline in which you can provide data entry services.

2.Microsoft Word Skills.

-You can start editing and typing business online and offline.

-You can eligible for data typing and editing works.

-You can apply for various government and private jobs with typing knowledge.

3.Microsoft Excel Skills.

-Eligible for data entry, data management, data analysis and data visualization works.

-You will learn data management and analysis skills.

-You will learn how to explore the innovative methods of data manipulation and data management for quick business decision.

-You can take advantage of Excel knowledge on your own business and personal finances.

4.Microsoft PowerPoint Skills.

-You can create animated presentations and upload to youtube and later you can monetize your videos with Google Adsence.

-You will be eligible for a job and specialize in data and information presentation.

MS word

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