It was a great honor and privilege for E3empower Africa to partner with United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). The partnership is intended to serve Teachers and Interns in Mbeya for ICT/STEM education. About 15 teachers and 3 interns successfully graduated from the training. The training started on (Feb 23rd – 13th March 2021). The partnerships so far have completed the scheduling for Training for 2 regions, i.e Dar es Salaam and Mbeya (Oct – Nov 2020).

Computer Lab Installation successfully finished on Feb 20-23, 2021. Including Installation of Software Applications, Computer Basic, and STEM Lessons on all PCs. These will be used in the future for the students, and or teachers to train themselves and instructors too.

Rachel Server Installation completed too whereby Mbeya IPOSA center will become the source of “Accessing Information” to students, teachers, and all members of the community. The training will include how to use the Digital Library and be encouraged for more reading and research. 

E3A, UNICEF, and Mbeya Municipal staff (DEO) agreed on a 3-week schedule for 15 teachers and 5 interns. We believe these skills are essential to have for their pursuit in life and will open their minds and creativity to learn new things so that they adopt them in their respective schools. A great foundation has been laid, ready for ICT revolution impact in the Mbeya region.