It is wonderful just to watch – that the local students are very happy to meet their own professors in person (they used to have zoom lectures) and to hear their lectures in real voices -and that the korean students are also very happy to share their skills and principles of various machines and theories!
The local students already prepared their projects to show to their professors in presentation! This is quite an accomplishment from both ends!
Electric motorcycles are being built as we speak and 2-3 projects of ITEC are also on going as well as the new Mechatronix course!
Congratulations to IEEP – ATC team for the second year! From this fall Atc is approved to recove F6 graduates for Mechatronix for BS degree!
E3empower volunteers visited the lab to witness their work and a couple of SW engineers will also learn to help with coding and testing!
The local teachers are also very happy! Good signs and blessings for the country for their vision for industrialization!