The training, which took about four months, has enabled the students to acquire the skills to use computers, the education officer for primary schools in the city of Arusha, Hussein Bakari, who was also an official guest at this event, has said that he will be a good monitor of the equipment to ensure that it works well and is maintained in good condition. Great security.

As a leader responsible for education issues in the city of Arusha, I am grateful to the KOICA institution for providing us with these computers and I believe they will help other students who have not had the opportunity of this training during this period”.

Also, Mwanaidi who is a teacher in the Ungalimatedi primary school had this to say;

We thank KOICA for providing us with this training project for these female students and then providing training for us teachers to be able to gain the skills to manage these computers and teach other students who have not had this opportunity“.