ICT boot camps has begun in Morogoro in Morogoro!

We started STEM course to build robots

Only started STEM course education, and training is involved in 31 studies and 2 teachers. They follow the STEM course to build robots by hand, learn to fly drones, Scratch, App inventor and even Arduino! More and more people are realizing the importance of STEM courses.

And most important progress in this camp is TOT (Training of trainers).

TOT means picking students who are eager to follow and teach them, and later they return to teach other students in the center! Just as small spark makes a big fire!

TOT is in line with our slogan’ Empower one Empower Village’ We can set up bootcamps and teach students wherever someone wants to learn.

We’ll be waiting you on the 4th FL, Summit center Block A, Arusha Tanzania