There are almost 11 million children in child care institutions every day. Considering that most children spend 36 hours per week in child care, that’s a great deal of time that daycare owners are responsible for children’s safety and wellbeing. By integrating technology in your daycare, you can create a safer and more efficient environment.

Over about 30 plus local people joined the workshop facilitated by E3empower Africa. The main aim was to introduce and create awareness to participants on trending technologies to enhance productive daycares for children.

E3Empower Africa aims to help daycare owners to improve their teaching standard and use proper tools. E3empower Africa has introduced SMART DAYCARE accompanied by various tools to support teaching. One of these techs is LEGO, Kitkit, Rachel Server, and scratch.


Introduce children to new technologies that help them to learn without a teacher, boost their creativity, increase leaning interest, and make them have fun while learning. New tools to help children learn English and mathematics and Swahili in very enjoying methods and motivate them their interest to learn read and write with self-drive.


Rachel Server

A revolutionary portable digital library that can be accessible at your fingertips with the use of mobiles, laptops, desktop, or wifi supporting devices. With the Rachel server, you can access all educational information and training without an internet connection. A digital library with educational content that helps students to acquire knowledge through books and video training without internet connection and student adopts self parse learning. Teachers can upload their contents, and track their students’ progress. Good for remote areas where there is no internet, no teacher, and books are not available.


With the imagination of having a tool that will increase children’s engagement in the learning process, With LEGO children increase interest in learning, boost their creativity, and problem-solving skills while learning to code, math, and science. in addition to all that they learn how to follow manuals, assemble simple robots, and learn coding logic in a very simple way



You might be always finding a way to let your child express him/herself, I highly recommended tool is scratch, gives room for your child to tell stories, create games, animation, express thoughts, and emotion. Apart from all these tremendous features, he gets away to share them with family, friends around the globe through the internet and also gets a worldly recognize certificate from