E3empower has conducted a dry run for the school teachers last Thurs and performed a formal presentation to 25 headmasters in Arusha  school district. REO (Regional Education Officer) came to encourage the headmasters and he said that this district is now unique to have this library server!

Rachel server has full set of Wikipedia, Khan Academy (K thru college) curriculum, Wiki How, Tanzanian National Exams examples from previous years, African Stories, TED Talks, and lots more.

, as CEO of E3empower was very pleased to show the various contents to teachers. it was emphasized that now we can build the joy of reading, self-learning capacity, research data and skill for all levels including teachers and officers, and more lots of practical videos for everyday life matter and inspirational and motivational TED talks… Users can view and learn the lessons and download the contents. Plus they can upload their own contents to share! It is setup like intranet with LAN address and we were able to connect 24 monitors, Of course, laptops and smart phones were connected with wi-fi. Teachers were so happy to those contents on their phone.

Most of schools in the 3rd world DO not have libraries. If even they do, they have only a few old books. Even if they want to read or research, they were NOT able to before. Now it is possible with the monitors that we connected in the lab (24 of them), though it can connect up to 50 users.

Many schools were jealous of this school now. More schools are, i hope aware of the power of IT and the vaccine amount of data that it can hold. The current headmaster said that she would leave the computer lab accessible to all teachers from district to use!

Hopefully this will generate more positive desire to get engaged with IT learning and teaching in public schools! As much as teachers put themselves in learning attitude, the students will be encouraged to learn new stuffs! Again, we teachers are playing the role of the parents that they don’t have or don’t understand in many cases! we want to give more opportunities to those who could not have otherwise, we trust that they will do well once given the opportunity, hoping that the mind of self learning will grow! we hope to create more of these lab in every school!

The 1 Robotic Camp at Orolieni Secondary school.
Students at Orolieni secondary school have finish the first course in Robotics.

The  class began since from 09/01/18–16/01/18

“Next week the second group will begin while the first group will be moving Scratch 4 Arduino.”

This is great opportunity to Ororieni secondary to explorer the Power of Technology.