RACHEL (Digital Library)

RACHEL (Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning) is a portable, battery-powered, device that contains copies of educational websites in offline format. This means RACHEL can go anywhere in the world and wirelessly deliver free digital educational content to nearby tablets, laptops, or smartphones with no internet or data plans required. RACHEL has been taken to over 53 countries since its creation, serving students in rural villages, townships, and even prisons.

Simple to Deploy

RACHEL contains everything you need to bring a digital library of content to any offline community. Just turn RACHEL on and connect any tablet, laptop, or smartphone to RACHEL’s WiFi signal.

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Features within Rachel

Customizable Content

Not only can you choose from nearly 100 website copies from the RACHEL Content Library, but RACHEL also contains an easy-to-use portal for loading your own videos, audio files, PDFs, or HTML content.

Teacher Training Guides

E3empower Africa has been authored to help teachers and facilitators with training guides. These guides can help guide new users of RACHEL on how to increase adoption of the tool in classrooms.

Help Your Community to access Information without Internet

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